Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ok, so, I will face it. I have been fantisizing about all the makeuop items I want at the moment. Addicted much? So I figured I would "vent". That is what I am going to call it. I am going to make a wishlist here....

Urban Decay:

Too Faced:


MAC products:
1. Paint
2. Paint Pot - don't know which color
3. Fix +
4. 15x Palette
5. Brush Cleanser
6. Rice Paper e/s pan
7. Woodwinked e/s pan
8. Honeylust e/s pan
9. Shroom e/s pan
9. Teal Pigment
10. Mutiny Pigment
11. 217 blending brush
12. 219 Pencil Brush
13. Shy Girl Lipstick
14. Angel Lipstick
15. Cherish Lipstick
16. Creme d Nude lipstick
17. Mineralized Eye shadow - Sea and Sky
18. Grand Duo - Not sure what color
19. Lustre Glass - Spring Bean
20. Lustre Glass - Love Nectar
21. Dazzle Glass - Goldirocks
22. Dazzle Glass - Funtabulous
23. Melon Pigment
24. Shell Cream Color Base
25. Solarbits - color unsure

So, I know it's a lot. But, what can I say? I want a lot more stuff to, like some blushes. But that is what I am working on for now. Anybody know where I can get any of this for cheap?

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